It’s all sounds like one

Innovation, quality in construction, listening, passion. everything entirely handmade in Italy, a handcrafted product with more than 30 manual procedures: this is Doacoustics.

DoDeca, Revolutionary feel

The DoAcoustics DoDeca is more than just a loudspeaker.
Innovation, design, a piece of art.


The best expression of multi way speakers.
Fashion design, solid, very solid and incredible huge sound.


The best expression of microdiffuser


The best expression of mini speakers. Fashion design, small, very small but incredible huge sound.


Aluminium/wood, a combining which unites elegance and charming sonic qualities.

Home Cinema

An essential design concludes the project through pure lines and natural finishing touches.

DoAcoustics at HighEnd 2023

Halle 3 P14

Please visit our stand at the 2023 edition of HighEnd, Munich 18-21 May 2023