Armonia Mundi impact

After years developing of point source systems, we’ve created a three way loudspeaker with five drivers and the same size as the ArmoniaMundi.

The small 10 cm baffler and the back tweeter make an incredible sound experience possible. A huge stage and a surprisingly wide frequency extension, both amazing for the size of the cabinet, joint with a great musicality due to multiple listening checks make the ArmoniaMundi Impact likely to be the best mini tower in the world.

All of the drivers, except for the tweeter, are 3’’ small which contributes to make the out of axiss dispersion wide and the interaction with the space around less problematic than with the other classic speakers on the market.

We have made a reproduction tool which combines the quality of the design with the performance at the highest levels of its category: ArmoniaMundi Impact.

Fairaudio Armonia Mundi Impact Test


  • Three way reflection system in transmission line plus bass reflex
  • two “state of art” full range 3”
  • two woofer 3” plus
  • one tweeter 25 mm on the rear of speaker
  • Solid cabinet,
  • Mundorf component.


  • +/- 3 db 35Hz – 20 KHz 1 watt/m
  • 88 db sensibility
  • 6 Ohm nominal impedance
  • 10-150 watts


  • H × W × D cm
  • 86,5 × 10 × 17


  • Kg. 8

recommended power

  • 20 – 150 watt


  • 2 years

Surface finishing:

  • White matt
  • Black matt
  • Bamboo*
  • Purple matt
  • Green matt.
  • Foot finished available on bamboo under request


Others finishes under request