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The best expression of micro diffuser.

The MicroDesign series project was funded on two specific requirements. First: more and more, people live in smaller and smaller places, so we need to conceive, design and build small and smart speakers with big sound. Second: sound point source contains in itself a great naturalness and musicality. So the project is based on these two principles. Building speakers with 3-inch speakers is a challenge and an advantage. Emission points represent the best for a small spread in concentric waves with the result of having a stereo image fantastic perfect timing and a musicality that the multi-way systems can’t reach easily. So the challenge was: “how build a box like isodynamic or electrostatic, with a very small size and a beautiful look?”. The answer in MicroDesign series is the use of high quality materials, entirely assembled by hand. The thickness of the cabinet is the maximum that we can get for these dimensions. you can listen to them and never getting tired of our dynamic speakers because they have the advantages of both systems. This is the great merit of the series MicroDesign!