Jupiter Impact

When I first designed our first three way speaker from the Microdesign series, ArmoniaMundi Impact, I would never thought I would obtain such good results.

It been a few years before we got this result and today we’re proud to introduce you our first shelf speaker from the Microdesign  three way series: Jupiter Impact.

Jupiter Impact makes usage of „state of art“ driver, an acoustic labyrinth with a bass reflex and a completely new kind of stuff among the audio components: two central woofers and two full range on the sides of the speaker, basically a reversed D’Appolito system with a back tweeter in antiphase to empower the extension on the top and make the stage even wider. This kind of asset makes possible the placing of the speakers even at a unusual height (or lowness) with the possibility to be placed even horizontally. In this way the two external drivers “cover” a wide vertical acoustic range. Five drivers in one single 10 cm large and 44 cm tall speaker with a great off-axis dispersion, a wide stage and a large response in frequencies. The timber recalls ArmoniaMundi Impact’s one but with a half big box! The usage of the small 3” drivers are going to be in the future more and more used by important builders: they work faster, there’s a better out-axis dispersion, there’s a better damping factor, the sound is more natural and there’s a better interaction with the domestic environments since the quantity of air that is moved is less compared to the bigger speakers.

A elegant design, a unique object for its volume and its sound quality, the manufacturing is completely handmade as the Doacoustic tradition wants.


  • Three way reflection system in trasmission line plus bass reflex
  • Two full range 3”, two woofer 3” plus one tweeter 27mm on the rear of speaker.
  • Solid cabinet
  • Quasi-point source.
  • State of art driver.
  • Mundorf component.


  • +/- 3 db 45 Hz – 20 KHz 1 watt/m
  • 88 db sensibility
  • 4 Ohm nominal impedance
  • 20-150 watts


  • H × W × D cm
  • 44 × 10 × 24


  • Kg. 5,9

recommended power

  • 10 – 150 watts


  • 2 years

Surface finishing:

  • White matt
  • Black matt
  • Bamboo*
  • Purple matt
  • Green matt.


Others finishes under request