Macrocosmo Reference

Starting over from the first project  from the Microdesign e make it better after 5 years: this is the new Macrocosmo Reference speaker.

The same Macrocosmo cabinet with an acoustic labyrinth and bass reflex.

We love the full range and we believe that to listen neutrally you need a small full range transducer. Macrocosmo Reference has inside its small cabinet all the technology required in order to listen to any kind of music at the highest level. As we already said within the microdesign presentation, the punctiform source contains in itself a great naturalness and a great musicality. Building 3” speakers  represents the best solution for anyone who looks for a perfect timing, a speaker with a great look, and an uncommon musicality. Easiness in placing these speakers even in small environment and the charge at 8 Ohm almost stable on the whole frequency module are other benefits that the Macrocosmo reference has compared to other speakers available on the market.

Their neutral feature makes them interesting also for a professional usage since they can act perfectly as monitors near field.

The 3” driver used is at the state of art. The crossover makes use of Mundorf components just as any Doacoustics product.

As the whole Microdesign series, the baffle is only 10 cm big. The whole speaker is hand made.


  • One channel in a transmission line and bass reflex full range 3 inch
  • Real Point source
  • A crossover network point to point without a printed circuit.
  • Mundorf component.
  • State of art driver


  • +/- 3 db 49 Hz – 20 KHz 1 watt/m
  • 87 db sensibility
  • 8 Ohm nominal impedance
  • 20-100 watts


  • H × W × P cm
  • 20 × 10 × 24


  • Kg 1,5

recommended power

  • 10 – 100 watt


  • 2 years

Surface finishing:

  • White matt
  • Black matt
  • Bamboo*
  • Purple matt
  • Green matt


Others finishes under request