Armonia Mundi

The ArmoniaMundi is a lovable speaker. Build a floor speaker with two 3-inch drivers in 86,5 × 10 × 17 cm dimension was a very hard challenge. We succeeded. I am not exaggerating when I say that ArmoniaMundi has a soul. This speakers are really sophisticated and they are appreciated from who wants a floor standing small speaker, but natural sound and made in Italy design. In this speaker we realized a transmission and compression line plus bass reflex. Regarding design and finishing, in ArmoniaMundi we used the same of other MicroDesign models. Now active model is available for PC, Phone, Tablet and others application.


  • Two channel in a transmission line and bass reflex.
  • One full range 3 inch and one woofer 3 inch
  • Quasi-point source
  • A crossover network point to point without a printed circuit
  • Mundorf component


  • +/- 3 db 55Hz – 20 KHz 1 watt/m
  • 87 db sensibility
  • 4 Ohm nominal impedance
  • 10-125 watts


  • H × W × D cm
  • 86,5 × 10 × 17


  • Kg. 7,5

recommended power

  • 10–125 watt.


  • 2 years

Surface finishing:

  • White matt
  • Black matt
  • Bamboo*
  • Purple matt
  • Green matt.
  • Foot finished available on bamboo under request
  • Grills available in grey and black under request
finishing Others finishes under request